Friday, January 1, 2010

Just for You.

I’d like to know

That deep, dark chocolate

Side of you.

Let me have a lick -

A taste, that’d

Drive me wild.

The scent of your

Musky thoughts.

Such an intoxication.

Down through the dangerous lane

Of your dark imagination.

Guide me through areas,


Exploring me,

Exploring you.

Feel my love,

My special form of love.

Just for you.

Strange Love

A song with special significance. A Pluto-Venus relationship. Something that I've been obsessing over for quite a while now. It describes perfectly how such a relationship should be. The sort of love that ensues between Hades and Persephone. Hades is the pursuer, the dangerous one, pursuing the innocent Persephone. He carries her off to the underworld. Even though Persephone resists, struggles and runs away from him, deeper reading of the myth suggests that Persephone loved being chased. The sexual attraction she could feel for him was that much more heightened because of the chase. The kind of power one could have over the other - a theme which plays out every time Pluto is involved in the relationship. In this case, Pluto's intensity is the prime attraction for Venus. Venus may get swept away in Pluto's frenzied form of love. But there is that destructive, dark side in Venus that loves such a tryst. It may or may not last. Often, such frenzied, passionate love doesn't last for long. Maybe between the two lovers, or the lovers themselves may part ways due to the potentially destructive nature of the relationship. But, the fear of the destruction is the intoxicant, which leads the lovers down the road of this dark, intense relationship. Trouble's what you bring, strange love.

A few of my favourite things...

I don’t know how to start this. But it is one of the most exquisite feelings that I’ve felt in a long time. I know all of us have our special little fetishes. The very things that make us go vroom vroom vrrrroooom!! This is something I’ve never played. In fact, there is nothing special about a thumb fight. It is something that we play as kids, to show off the skills of our digits. But then it is strange how the very games we play as kids – the innocent, fun things – take on a different hue when you’re playing it as a much older version of you. A much older version of you, with all the necessary sexual awareness; an equally playful and experimental partner; a tiny bit of alcohol, or loads of it in your system (depends on the physical capacity/BMI); mutual sexual attraction; some privacy (or at least some alone-time together, if not anything else); and the mental tease. Aah, the pleasure of it all. So sinful. So, so sinful.

It is about the way the thumbs move against each other. A teasing caress. A replication of a sexual dance that can otherwise be done by the two individuals. But this is done at a table, and with a person you don’t know very well. Almost the only thing you’re sure about the person is the mutual sexual tension that seems to be sparkling between the two. And then, there are the looks across the table. Very, very suggestive looks, every time the fingers do something naughty. Naughty in the heads of the two. The anticipation of what might be. But not reaching it as such. So, so sinful. Also, such an art!

Then again there is the fight-for-control form of expression of physical attraction. It is a truly different high, having to fight for the love that you want to feel. Oh yes. It kills. But it is this very death that increases the allure of the final submission to the senses. The feeling of having a sexual predator. The intoxication of being chased. This goes well with a saying I came across a long while back, about the nature of men and women in romantic relationships – “A man desires a woman. A woman desires a man’s desire for the woman”. When I think of it now, I feel truer words have not been spoken.