Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reaching for the Stars

Through restless meanderings
Through entropic choices
Winding our convoluted ways
Through the paths of life.

To find some significance
Some glittery, others staid
Looking through tunnels
Feeling for shortcuts.

Suffering humiliation
Facing failures and rejection
Like busybodies
Playing bumping cars.

Crossing paths,
Making tiny differences
Yet the dissatisfaction
Of not being what we’d like to be.

Superficial mannerisms
Stigmatic reputations
Envious lifestyles
Bitter prices.

Looking at the wrong places.
Working the wrong jobs.
Befriending the wrong “friends”.
Seeing the wrong vision.

Where are we lost?
While reaching for the stars?
Selling our souls
For the seemingly better.

Bargaining with the devil
While reaching for the stars
Bartering our selves
For the seemingly enchanting.

Making irreversible decisions
Beyond the point of no-return
With heavy consequences
And life-changing scenarios.

Lets just wait a while
To truly consider
Our deepest needs
Our innate desires.

Lets just wait a while
To check our compass
Orient our direction
And correct past transgressions.

Lets just wait a while
Before we stand up
Stretch out
And reach for the stars.