Monday, September 3, 2012

Perfect Love Story

With happy music playing
In the background
Macabre thoughts running
In my head.

Of tortures that I can
Inflict upon you
Coz that is how I feel
Love for you.

Where every nightmare is
Something to cherish
Every disgrace,
A sacrifice.

Having each other
By the other’s shame
Secrecy or

Purposely inflicting isolation
Denigrating each others’
Values, morality
And sense of purity.

My love for you
Can only be the sullied one
Lacking self-respect
And control.

As we live with each other
Breaking the other’s heart,
Mutilating feelings
And clinging to the other – our only hope.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crazy, Strange Lover

Like on the brink of a precipice
Like bungee jumping,
Without a rope
Life with you seems.

Your crazy kind of love,
So haunting and hypnotising
Creeping up on me
Catching me unawares.

I could just keep watching you,
Studying your every move,
Gazing at the depth of your actions,
Marvelling at your varying intricacies.

You trick me at,
Every corner.
Keep me guessing
Building my anticipation.

So exquisitely gentle one moment,
Rough and brutal the next.
Making me ache with yearning
Torturing me, baiting me.

So guarded in your emotions,
Watchful in your choices,
Studying me,
As I study you.

Oh, what games we play.
Cat and mouse games.
Testing our limits.
Testing our love?

To what end do we travel?
Through this crazy journey of love,
Down dark, mysterious lands,
Deep and intoxicating.

Lets loose ourselves,
In this dangerous form of love.
Find ourselves in
Each other’s death.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Riddle me This

Come, drop some hints
Here and there.
Let us pick up
On the trail.
Follow each other,
To new discoveries.
Find some new
Knicks and knacks.
What makes you tick,
What makes me groan.
Run through
The jig saw puzzle.
Piece together,
The maze.
Let me keep you guessing,
Just as you do to me.
Riddle me this,
Riddle you that.
Unravel each other,
One layer by layer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am a Woman

I can be kind. I can be gentle. I can be nurturing. I can be sexual. I can be deep. I can be frivolous. I can be sensitive. I can be cold. I can be a mother. I can be a vixen. I can be selfish. I can be self-sacrificing. I can be perceptive. I can be walled. I can be loving. I can be cruel. I can be steadfast. I can be mysterious. I can be solid. I can be ephemeral. I can be whimsical. I can be committed. I can feel what you feel. I can choose not to. I can see your very dreams. I can weave my own. I can build your castle. I can break your home. I can bear your burden. I can walk away without a word. I can paint fantasies. I can bring you back to reality. I can be your joy. I can be your misery. I can be your happiest dream. I can be your worst nightmare. I can be strong. I can be insecure. I can be demeaning. I can be fortifying. I can be your backbone. I can be your safety net. I can be your muse. I can be your inspiration. I can be your godmother. I can be your baby-sitter. I can be your confidante. I can be your guide. I can be your enemy. I can be your folly. I can be your mistake. I can be your music. I can be your dance. I can be your poetry. I can be your drama. I can be your depression. I can be your hate. I can be your obsession. I can be your itch. I can be your sleep. I can be your insomnia. I can be your laziness. I can be your energy. I can be your calm. I can be your agitation. I can be your love. I can be your despair. I can be your laughter. I can be your tears. I can be your weakness. I can be your grit. I can be your foundation. I can be your superstructure. I can be your fa├žade. I can be your secret. I can be your light. I can be your darkness. I can be your heights. I can be your depths. I can be your world. I can be your all. Or nothing at all…