Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reaching for the Stars

Through restless meanderings
Through entropic choices
Winding our convoluted ways
Through the paths of life.

To find some significance
Some glittery, others staid
Looking through tunnels
Feeling for shortcuts.

Suffering humiliation
Facing failures and rejection
Like busybodies
Playing bumping cars.

Crossing paths,
Making tiny differences
Yet the dissatisfaction
Of not being what we’d like to be.

Superficial mannerisms
Stigmatic reputations
Envious lifestyles
Bitter prices.

Looking at the wrong places.
Working the wrong jobs.
Befriending the wrong “friends”.
Seeing the wrong vision.

Where are we lost?
While reaching for the stars?
Selling our souls
For the seemingly better.

Bargaining with the devil
While reaching for the stars
Bartering our selves
For the seemingly enchanting.

Making irreversible decisions
Beyond the point of no-return
With heavy consequences
And life-changing scenarios.

Lets just wait a while
To truly consider
Our deepest needs
Our innate desires.

Lets just wait a while
To check our compass
Orient our direction
And correct past transgressions.

Lets just wait a while
Before we stand up
Stretch out
And reach for the stars.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Abandoned Dreams

We leave them behind,
Trailing along behind us,
Marking a long line
Of ambitions and memories.

We leave them behind,
In our pursuit of importance,
To gather dust by,
The wayside.

Forgotten futures
That could have been,
Just passing before our eyes,
Like a snapshot movie,
Of memories.

A little ode to such,
Abandoned dreams.
A minute of remembrance,
To such abandoned dreams.
Like unborn children,
That could never be,
We shed tears of sadness,
For that which we left to bleed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

He loves, She loves.

She looked at him as He peeled away at his clothes. The ominous light from the street lamp cast eerie shadows, rendering a sense of surrealism to the scene that was unfolding before her eyes. They moved closer as He kept undressing every piece of clothing. Piece by piece. Hypnotically. They were growing closer. And the merging into one amorphous, indistinct mass happened in one fluid motion.
The dark shapes kept moving and changing in the orange street lamp filtering through the window. The velvety intimacy reached a feverish pitch and gradually subsided.
They were done in. For the first time.

*     *             *

“I didn’t know what I was doing”, He said to a rapt audience. She was lying on the bed, sunlight from the window filtering into the room, watching him as He spoke. Her attention concentrated on every word He was uttering.
“She beckoned to me with a wag of her forefinger. I went closer and suddenly she pulled me closer to her by my waistband.”
“She then asked me: ‘Do you know what I’m going to do next?’ I shook my head, in a daze, unable to believe what was happening. I had no idea what was happening to me. She then unzipped my pants and touched my penis. She was playing with it, when she looked up at me and asked, ‘Do you know what else you can do with this apart from peeing?’ I shook my head again. And then, for the next five minutes, l had a mind-blowing experience that changed my life forever. In a lot of ways, she is the first woman I ever loved.”
“How old were you?” She asked, in a contemplative way.
“And she was your aunt?”

*             *             *

She looked at The Friend as they were having sex. Yes, they did have a strange connection. Yes they do.
“So do you like it when the guy pins you down and you’re struggling to break away from him?” The Friend asks her with great interest.
“Yes, yes, I do!” She replies with increasing excitement.
“Come, watch us masturbate.” says He to The Friend.
They’re doing it to an audience. Oh yes, they love it. The excitement of having someone watch them. The sexual control they have over The Friend.
“Slap him!” The Friend instructs her. She does. The Friend groans in painful pleasure.
Yes, they were best friends – He and The Friend. Yes, She and He were together. Yes, The Friend knew more about her than He did.

*             *             *
“Sure, you can date him if you want to. I’ll fix you both up.” He abruptly gets up and leaves as soon as He tells her that.
She looks at him, amusement written on her face. She runs across the study tables in the library to catch up with his long, quick strides.
“I wasn’t too keen on it anyway”, She says nonchalantly, catching up with him.
“You know, I wouldn’t want you to feel any form of obligation towards me” He suddenly stops and turns to her with a smile. It was a brilliant smile. It could melt a bar of chocolate from a hundred paces. There was...something forced about it though. Dazzling. As always. But…
He abruptly turns away and walks away. She calls out to him. He turns and looks at her. She just looks at him, unable to say what she wanted to. He raises his eyebrows into a quizzical expression. She slowly shakes her head, biting her lower lip. He turns away, like something in him was lost.

*             *             *

“Did you know, your name means ‘ear’?” She asks him.
“No!” He disagrees vehemently.
“Then what does it mean?” She asks him, studying his reactions and soaking in every expression on his face. “Helper? Warrior?”
“It means Rays of the Sun” He replies with a smug expression. “You can take your pick.”
“But isn’t ‘ear’ fascinating?” She probes.
“Hmm...why.” He knew where it was headed, but He wasn’t going to take up the bait.
“It is...well...” She trails off, unable to complete what She wanted to say.
“And why are you searching for meanings of my name?” He confronts.
She laughs a careless laugh, “Oh, it was very random.”
“Alright, I gotta go!” She announces suddenly.
It was his turn to laugh. Though, a knowing laugh.

*             *             *