Friday, November 5, 2010

Dirty in My Head

Oh we have a casual conversation alright,
But you don’t know what I’m thinking in my head.
“So how is work?” you ask,
“Pretty good”, I reply.
But do you know, that I’m undressing
You, in my head?

Sure we discuss family irritations.
“I feel like getting out of home”, you say.
“Oh I agree!!” I reply.
But do you know, that I’m wondering
What your skin feels like underneath
That shirt that smells like a dream?

You say, “Last night I got high.”
I say, “Wow, for me its been some time”.
But do you know, I think all the while
What it’d be like, when we’re high?

We discuss something boring
Like free gold coins for marketing.
Then the occasional, accidental brush of your hands
Against my knees, and there is electricity
Shooting through me.

Sure we keep it tame –
You simple John, and me plain Jane.
But there are these dirty thoughts
In my head.

Oh I want to wrestle you alright.
Just prove my might.
Lets play this match alright?
Till death shall we tough it out and

Lets see how far we get.
Coz I have these dirty, dirty
Thoughts in my head.